Google announces that in July 2020 it will release a new clickbait policy under Google Ads Misrepresentation policy. Google states ” this policy is for advertisements that use clickbait imagery or text so as to drive traffic by pressurizing the viewers to take action in order to understand the full context of the ad.” So users from July won’t be able to use ads with clickbait headline titles.

Google gave details about what clickbait headlines are like:

  • Advertisements that make use of imagery or text to drive traffic: Like (non-exhaustive)- ads that say to reveal secrets, scandals or information about product or service advertised, ads that use messages like “Click here to find out”, “You will not believe what happened next” or phrases to encourage users to click on the ad to know the full context, ads that have zoomed-in pictures of body parts, real-life accidents, mugshots or disaster photos to promote products or and ads that use after and before images to promote changes to the human body.
  • Ads that make use of life events like accident, deaths or arrest to crate sense of guilt, fear to stress viewers to take action: Like (non-exhaustive)-  Ads that pressurize users from stop using a product to avoid harm and ads that induce severe fear, pain, and shock to promote a product.

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Google informing email advertisers about this change by sending emails to them.


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