“You no longer need to do anything special for hash-bang URLs,” Google’s John Mueller said on the September 17 edition of #AskGoogleWebmasters, “we’ll just try to render them directly.”

The question. “What is the current status of #! AJAX crawling? How do I set up redirects?” by user @olegko via Twitter.

The answer. As mentioned above, webmasters do not need to put their efforts.

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The ajax crawling scheme was proposed in early 2009 with early days of javascript sites- Mueller says. This works well over a few years but with time it became iterating. The search engine has learned how to deliver most pages as a browser would. And for now, they are using a special version of chrome for crawling and rendering.

How does it work?

You need javascript over these pages, in order to move to a different URL to generate redirects. Mueller added. This is not possible to use server-side scripting after a hash, so the no. symbol- is not sent to the server but refined in the browser. Once set up, as Google bot reprocesses hashbang URL on the site to spot the redirect & follow properly.


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