To improve accessibility, Google Chrome 82 will automatically generate PDF from saved web pages. Blind users will be able to access these PDFs.

Improvement in Chrome 85

The upgrade of Chrome accessibility effects how PDF files will download while saving a web page, as it can be saved as both an HTML file and tagged PDF. Tagged PDF contains meta description which provides extra information.

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Google Described

“A tagged PDF is one that contains extra metadata about the structure of a document, including things like headings, lists, tables, paragraphs, and image descriptions.”

Tagged PDFs Accessibility

Currently, it is scheduled for August 2020 with Chrome 85 updates. However, it can be used as an experimental feature. To turn it on as a default browser behavior navigate it to the settings page.

It can be turned on by the following command


Trying the above command will open the setting page. You can update the settings there. The settings page will naturally look to the Expert Tagged PDF setting. Now you should simply tap the button that is named Default. This will automatically turn on the tagged PDF option.

It can be turned on by the following command
Image Source – searchenginejournal

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