Google says Chrome browser will be blocked web pages that have mixed content and advises the site owners to check their sites before the beginning of December as from December Chrome Browser will not allow the resources that are being uploaded by insecure HTTP.

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Meaning of Mixed Content:

When a Secure web page contains the content which is being served in other insecure HTTP  is known as Mixed Content. According to Google, mixed content lowers the site security and user experience.

Handling of Mixed Content By Chrome:

From the beginning of December Google will update Chrome and do these two things:

  1. Conversion of HTTP Content to HTTPS if the resource is available to HTTPS
  2. Google will use a push notification to unlock the content which is blocked by chrome

This is not full blocking of web pages as this is going to impact websites traffic and ads but in 2020 Google will block the web pages fully that contain mixed content.


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