Google declares that the release of SameSite cookie labeling will be rolled back. Users that are using Chrome80 will not be able to enable SameSite labeling.

SameSite Cookie Labeling

SameSite Cookie Labeling is Google’s tool to remove third party cookies altogether. This rollout was to assist the third party websites to maintain cookies so as to keep the web functionality normal. Say if a person is logged in at an online payment site that person can be taken as logged in someone else website and there is no need to sign in so as to make a payment.

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Google is working on ways to stop any disturbance in web browsing.

Stop Disruption In Web Browsing
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

same site cookie notice
SameSite Cookie Notice
Image Source: Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Google’s Announcement In January 2020:

Google's Announcement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Reason Why Google Is Rolling Back SameSite Labeling

Google is postponing the rollout in how they treat cookies because it is not convenient for companies to manage their developer teams to comply with new standards due to coronavirus specifically government websites and hospitals. Google’s declaration states the websites that might have been affected negatively due to this update.

Google Announcement Websites
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This move by Google will have a favorable effect on people’s lives during this COVID-19 outbreak.

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