Google has updated Features Snippets, now Google will take the user straight to the text that is relevant to the search query for some featured snippets results. It is happening for only those featured snippets where Google has the complete confidence of being able to guide users directly to the content.

Here’s The Tweet

It was also said that there is no special markup required so as to make Google send users straight to the text.

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It was not announced that Google will be highlighting the text.

Here’s A Screenshot 

Screenshot of a part of a page that was in the featured snippet.

Google Highlighting Text
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Interesting to see here is Google changes the URL and adds extra parameters to it

Google changing URL
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

The added URL parameters in the above image are longer. This is how new URL parameters relate to highlighted text. It might not be possible but this may open up a way to track users who visit a website from the featured snippets when it uses the new URL parameters. The following code appears to be highlighting the text:


If it is possible to do that then it will be easier for publishers to track Google referrals more accurately. This feature was earlier available to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and now is available to HTML pages too.




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