Google has added a relevant amount of new information for mobile-first indexing. The documentation is now updated with additional information. Google has designed documentation in such a way that it provides the guidelines for the site owners to give the best experiences to end users on any platform.

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Information Added

The document is all about the facts for the site owners that content must be the same as on desktop and mobile versions.

  • Owners need to ensure that Googlebot has access to both mobile and desktop pages content.
  • Owners have to make sure that the content should be identical.
  • The same meta tags should be used for mobile and desktop.
  • The same heading must be there.
  • Owners need to ensure that they must have the same structured data.

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

For Images And Videos

  • High-Quality image
  • Images that are too small or have a low resolution shouldn’t be there in the mobile version
  • Videos must be placed in such a place that could be found very easily.
  • Images must be uploaded in a supported format.
  • Mobile version image must have an same alt tag as desktop images have.

For Sepearte M-Dot URLs

  • Error pages status should be the same on both desktop and mobile.
  • The mobile version shouldn’t have fragment URLs.

Troubleshooting Section

New Troubleshooting Section
New Troubleshooting Section
Image Source: Search Engien Journal


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