Google Introduced A New “Health & Safety” Attribute In Google My Business


Google added a new “health & safety” attribute, keeping COVID-19 in mind. This introduction is similar to features like Yelp and TripAdvisor. The attribute appeared yesterday in Google My Business, however, it is not visible in Search and Maps but it will be visible soon. The aim of the attribute is to assure the customers that safety measures are properly taken.

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New Heath and Safety Attributes In Google My Business
Image Source – Searchengineland

Consumer Awareness

Consumers get aware of the information a lot as many consumers have plenty of thoughts in their minds before going to stores because of the increase in the death rate due to pandemic. The reviews by Business health and safety measures and their enforcement, have sometimes a negative effect on retailers, which automatically effect on their overall ranking.

A survey by GatherUp shows that consumers who are in favor of Mask enforcement are more likely to visit stores that offer these health safeguards.

More On This

These attributes are not available for all the categories. Many merchants and businesses use this attribute to get more engagement and business clients who want safety assurance.

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