Google is introducing a new system for website owners to report bugs and security issues in a more efficient and timely manner. This new sending report is first being introduced for security issues with support to other sorts of bugs to follow.

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Google’s new way of reporting security issues and have them resolved starts with consulting Search Console’s help pages. There is a “Report a Security Issue” at the end of the page which website owners can use to report any issue or to request a review. Website owners need to be signed in to Search Console to use the “Report a Security Issue” button.

Report A Security Issue Button
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

This new reporting process can only be used when the websites have been marked with a security issue in Search Console. The new reporting method can be used if the issue can not be resolved via the existing support mechanism of Google. It is advised not to use the new reporting tool to the website owners as their first option. If you happen to go straight away with this “Report a Security Issue” button, without going through any other existing methods, then Google will redirect you to the public resources.


The new reporting tool is now available on English language help pages. If this tool gets successful it will then be supported by more languages in the future. You can find the new “Report a Security Issue” on Google’s Search Console help pages.

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