While using Google Maps, Youtube, Google Assistant the user is now able to hide their personal activity from google account. This new feature is announced to highlight October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Users are now able to cover their privacy that they couldn’t hold before while using Google Apps.

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Features Announced:

  1. Google Maps In Incognito Mode:

    Users can on Incognito mode while using Google Maps so their activity cannot be recorded in Google Account. Google introduces this feature firstly in Chrome in 2008 and then on Youtube earlier this year.

  2. Auto Clean Youtube Action:

    Users now having an option to automatically delete their Youtube actions. It will delete the location, web and App activity both. If a user wants to have the history they can have for the period of 3 months, 18 months or until it is manually deleted.

  3. Privacy Management in Google Assistant:

    Google gives the user an option to delete the last thing they said to the assistant by just saying “Hey Google, please delete the last thing I have said to you.”

All these features will be updated within this month only.


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