Loading speed of a site is a great factor why user should stay at your site and if it is not optimal then users may navigate to other competitors in search of better user experience. A survey revealed that almost 46% user said that they get annoyed when confronted with a slow loading site and they refer other similar site instead of wasting their time on slow loading site.

Since these is an era of mobile user, so now this is an important criteria for mobile users because they are less willing to wait for loading a site while browsing on mobile.

Google wants to help the owner of site to retain their user on their site and put forth a site called Test My Site which will tell them about site loading speed and how much users they are losing.


This site may help you in four ways through:

  1. Mobile speed of site

You just have to put the URL for analysis and then the site will tell you the actual loading speed of the site. For example in below fig, loading speed of the site m.facebook.com is 4s which is Good.



  1. Volume off visitors you may be loosing

While indicating the loading time, it will also tell you how much visitors you are losing and in case of m.facebook.com is 10% as you can see in below fig.



  1. Compare to your competitors

It will give you a proper infographics on analysis of your competitors where you can see whether you are falling in the category of good, excellent, fair or poor loading site. As you see that the infographic shows that m.facebook.com is falling in the category of good.



  1. How to enhance the loading speed of the site

Google will not only analyze how much visitors you are losing and what the speed of your site is, in fact it will tell you how you can enhance the speed. As in the case of Technians.com, a few changes would enhance the loading time by 3s.



So test and improve the loading speed of your site and get doubled or tripled revenue.

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