Google launches a new feature on Android phones, that will help legit businesses to reach their customers via phone by having their name of the brand and reason for calling identified properly. This feature is called “Verified Calls” which will show the name of the caller, their logo, and the reason why they are calling along with a verification mark that shows the call has been approved by Google.

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Verified Calls Feature

The feature comes at a time when the number of spam calls is on the rise and according to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission says that the unwanted calls are on the top of consumers complaints. This new system by Google will provide legit businesses to share their information with consumers and also the reason for calling. However, this works only with those businesses that have signed up with one of Google’s partners so as to have their calls verified. Businesses can get verified calls by working with partners such as JustCall, Telecall, Prestus, Vonage, and more.

verified calls feature
Image Source: TechCrunch

How Does It Work?

Once the setup is done business will send Google’s verified calls server its number and the number of the customer along with the reason like ‘your food delivery’ for example. Google then will send the information to the Android device Google Phone app. The device therefore then compares the information of the incoming call with the information Google received by the business and if it matches, the Phone app then shows the call as “Verified.” Customer call reason and phone number s deleted after minutes of verification to safeguard consumer privacy.

verified calling screen
Image Source: TechCrunch


Google claims that it tested the feature for months and found that verification increased the odds of someone answering a call. Verified calls will work on select Android Pie and higher devices and is launching initially in the U.S., Brazil, Spain, Mexico, and India.

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