Google tells us everytime which is the preferred method of technology over other. Like For mobile, it says be responsive. Same as it happens with schema codes where Google prefers JSON LD over other markups. But Google also says that it would not give you any kind of SEO benefit or benefit in Google search if you use their preferred method.


Google Would Not Show How Ranking Metrics of Core Web Vitals Add Up

John said this in a Google SEO Office hours Video.

John Mueller Words

JSON-LD like that. My assumption is that’s how most e-commerce sites do that, that they look up the database information, the pricing, the availability and they put that into markup in JSON-LD or microdata or whatever format.

And I think the part with our preference there is mostly along the lines that oftentimes people externally just want like one preference. Like these are multiple options that you can do and we recommend using JSON-LD because it usually makes it easier for sites to implement. But that doesn’t mean that there’s any less value passed with with like the other types of markup. So if whatever feature you’re looking for supports that type of markup and that’s what you want to do then like go for it. I wouldn’t say you need to do kind of Google’s preference. Because usually people just come to us and say it’s like oh you have two or three options which one is the best one, and if we just say oh I don’t know just figure it out yourself then everyone’s like oh I won’t do anything. But if we say it’s like oh we really like this option then it’s a lot easier for them to say okay i’ll just start.

Why Does Google Give preference to a Schema Code?

John Mueller said that if Google does not give preference to a single schema, then people would not implement it over their site. He added people would not do anything if a recommendation would not provide to them.

Google’s Dan Brickley further added more on this. Check the Tweet below:

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