Google has introduced a new feature called ” Your News Update”. It’s a new audio news feed that can be accessed through google assistant. This feature is not available on the iPhone for now.

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News Channels Involved:

Google paid a license to various news authorities which includes  ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, AP, Politico, USAToday, and many others.

Algorithm Assistance:

Google Assistant will work as an algorithm. Users don’t have a choice of selecting particular news sources as it will automatically be determined by Google. The determination of the source will depend on the interests, location, history, and preferences of the user, as well as the top news stories out there.

How To Use:

The user needs to start by saying ” Hey Google, Play Me The News” on their speaker or smartphone. The introduction of a new feature could be good as well as bad for the publishers. With the help of this, some get traffic or a kind of monetary benefit too but might possible that other traffic will decrease.

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