In the recent Search off the record podcast John Mueller, Gary Illyes & Martin Splitt was with a special guest named Duy Nguyen from Google’s Search Quality Team. He told that Google has “very effective and comprehensive machine-learning model that basically took care of most of the obvious spam.”


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He added that this Machine Learning Model takes care of most of the spam which let their team to focus their time to more important work. He also added that the spam Machine Learning Model “basically took over all the heavy lifting” to handle most of the spam.

Here are the words by Duy Nguyen:

So for such low quality or spammy content, it’s relatively easy. If you’re a person and you look at a page that’s full of gibberish, or in this case, guest books with spammy posts, you should be able to say that emphatically, “Yes, this is spam,” within seconds. Even if it’s more complicated, with a trained eye, it should take less than a minute to determine something is spammy or not. And as Google, we have all these signals and all this data that we’ve accumulated and analyzed and studied over the years. So, you know, it’s entirely possible to collect those datas to study it and build things like machine-learning models to tackle spam.

Machine learning model is interesting because it has so many use cases. It recommends music for you, you trust it enough to drive cars around so you don’t have to drive. So building machine-learning models for spams turns out to be a pretty natural step for us.

So, yeah, we have so many data around, not just search result, but specially spam. So we were able to build a very effective and comprehensive machine-learning model that basically took care of most of the obvious spam. It basically took over all the heavy lifting so we can focus on more important work.

You can listen the full podcast audio bu visiting the link here

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