Google being as leader holds its position in search advertising. Google manages to maintain it despite a drop of 1% in revenue since last year.

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Report By eMarketer:

According to the report of eMarketer, Google has more than 73% of US spending this year. Google is expecting a loss of 2% in its revenue from now to 2021. According to the report, Amazon beats Microsoft and becomes the second largest search ad seller in the US. Not even this, Amazon will only be the company that will gain profit from this in the coming two years.

eMarketer Report On Search Ad Selling Company
eMarketer Report On Search Ad Selling Company
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Interpretation From Report:

Search ad spending is growing at a very good pace but it is assumed that those search ads will hold on 43% share in digital marketing by 2023.

eMarketer Report
eMarketer Report
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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