Google is planning to make a headline font size big. The first headline will be seen bigger than the second headline that appears below it.

In the exact copy made on the Google mobile app, the ad at the top is displayed with the new format.

 Google Makes Its Headline Big In Latest Google Ads Test
Image Source – Search Engine Land

The above screenshot is of the Geico ad. It shows the text format of the first headline which has larger font size and is bigger than the ad headline which is at position two i.e. below the first headline. It appears with normal headline font.

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More Information

It is beleived that this change will get higher click-through rates. Google is consistent is testing and it can’t be predicted if they will stick to it, or it will be seen for just the top ad, all top ads or it can be seen on the all the ads too. Google also has special features for top ads which makes the auction better and competative.


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