Google My Business listings offer access to a new type of post developed for announcements related to COVID-19.

Announcements Examples-

  1. New operating hours
  2. Safety measures are taken by the business
  3. Temporary shutdowns
  4. Changes to the services offered regularly
  5. High demand products’ in stock, out of stock announcements

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These announcements will be displayed on the top of a business’s profile in local search. Users can keep on publishing other sorts of posts as COVID-19 related posts will remain pinned on the top.

Creation Of COVID-19 Post In Google My Business

Here’s how to create a COVID-19 announcement in Google My Business

a) Sign in to your Google My Business account on a desktop.

b) Click on posts option, from the menu

c) Click on the COVID-19 update tab. Google My Business will ask for information such as-

  • Duration of operations and temporary shutdown
  • Information on how the location is being handled as it relates to hygiene and safety
  • Request for the support
  • Changes in operations of the business for example takeout or delivery only

d) Click on the preview option to see before it goes live

e) Click publish

Creation Of COVID-19 Post
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

More Details On COVID-19 Posts

As similar to Google My Business Post, the COVID-19 post will also be displayed for 14 days. After that, if the post remains relevant, it has to be published again. This might change considering the status of the pandemic, but as of now, you have to assume the post will be removed after 14 days.

Available For All Google My Business Listings

These COVID-19 announcements are available for all the listings, whether it be a restaurant or a healthcare facility.

Text Only

COVID-19 posts are text-based only. These posts do not allow any other type of media to be attached to it.

Desktop Only

COVID-19 posts can only be published from the desktop site. However, the post will be displayed both on mobile and desktop searches.



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