Google now is not charging any fees on the premium version of the Hangouts Meet to aid schools and companies operating distantly.

Google’s Statement

Google's statement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Users can download the paid version of the app for free until July 1. Businesses and schools can benefit from this by using some of the premium features that include-

  • Live streaming with an audience limit of up to 1,00,000 viewers
  • Ability to record and save meetings to the Google drive
  • An upgraded limit of 250 people per call

This will be beneficial for businesses to conduct large meetings online and save them for others to view at any time.

As Google Says

Statement By Google
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

These features are only available in the G Suite Enterprise for Education as well as in the Enterprise edition of G Suite. But from today onwards these features will be available to all the customers at no additional cost.

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