Google’s John Mueller explains there are no differences between the main content and generated content when it comes to rankings.

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Mueller’s Reply

User-generated content refers to anything that is added to a webpage after the page has been published already. This can include live discussions, comments, or entire pages written by other website users. Google treats all the types of user-generated content the same as the content published by the original author of the page.

Mueller gives advice to users that generated content must live up to the website owner’s standards. That is don’t just allow anything to be published by users.

Mueller’s Response

Mueller Response
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Moderating User Generated Content

Mueller suggests ways that websites can use to accept user-generated content safely in a way that will not affect rankings. Firstly, Mueller advises blocking the pages with user-generated content from Google indexing until and unless they pass the quality check.

Mueller’s Recommendations 

Mueller Recommendation
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

User Generated Attribute For Links

Mueller advises website owners to take precautionary steps against user-generated content that contains links.

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Google is still vouching for its link attributes adoption that it released last year. To know more about how Google treats user-generated content by Meuller, watch the video below.

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