Google introduces two new reports within Google Search Console. Reports will help the user to know about the performance of video in Google search. Not only performance it will help to fix the issues in videos published in Google search.

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New Introduced Report:

1. Videos Display In Performance Report:

The first report contains the option under Performance Report within “Search Appearance” to know the clicks and impressions of videos. User’s content will show in the report if using video object structured data or unless Google itself detects a video on the user’s page.

Screenshot of Video Appearance in Performace Report:

videos performance report
Videos Performance Report

Image Source: Search Engine Land

2. Video Enhancement Report:

Google has introduced a new video enhancement report under the enhancement section. Websites that are using structured data to display video will now be able to know the problems in the videos and enables to fix them.

Screenshot of Video Enhancement Report:

Video Enhancement Report
Video Enhancement Report

Image Source: Search Engine Land

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