After the testing of over 2 years, the new google search console came into existence and bringing it out about a year ago, Google has announced to shut down its old Google Search Console.


The Announcement 

Google Said that they are reaching another important milestone in their journey, they are removing many reports from search console consists of the home and dashboard pages.



Google is redirecting to move all trial to reach the old interface to the new search console interface. There are reports which are still not migrated over in the new interface. Those can be accessed by an option in the search console interface named legacy tools and Reports. You can access them via the links.


Here is a screenshot:

ImageSource: SearchEngineLand

Note, not all of those links work when you have set up domain properties in the new Google Search Console. So make sure to view your old properties to access those reports.

NOTE: The New Google Search Console does not currently have all the setting active while setting up a new domain property, so make sure you have access to those reports in the version as well.


Why Do We Care?

This is a big change as google slowly removes the features from the old interface but some SEO’s still lies on the old version. Now, you will be able to see the new option to some of the legacy reports.


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