Google now sends email notifications to alert site owners about an increase in the search traffic for specific pages on their website via search console.

These notifications come up with saying ‘Your page is trending up’ followed by the numeric values indicating page’s average daily clicks over the past few days.

How it works

Google email alert figures out the change in numbers by comparing the percent increase in daily clicks to the normal average. Google then offers possible reasons for such an increase in the search clicks. An email alert as shared by Juan Gonzalez Villa – 

Google Search Console To Send Email Alert Notifications For Increase In Search Traffic
Google Search Console To Send Email Alert Notifications For Increase In Search Traffic
Image Source: searchenginejournal

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Google search console in the past has sent these emails to the website owners in order to make them aware of the increase or decrease in the weekly search traffic.

But now these email alerts notifications are sent faster than before to the site owners to let them know the increase in the traffic based on measurement period being three days which earlier used to be one week which let site owners capitalize on such an increase in traffic on time effectively.

Google’s John Mueller stated

They are only sent out when there is useful information to share. So the website owners will not receive any of these emails unless there is a significant change in the average clicks from the search results. Search console will send these alert notifications only when there is an increase in organic search traffic and will not send any email about the increase in traffic of other sources like social media because organic traffic is what search console is designed to measure.

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