Google Updates Rich Results Test Tool, Now Out Of Beta


Google has declared that it has removed the label of beta from the Rich Results Test Tool. All the Google Search rich results features are now supported by the tool.

Derogating Structured Data Testing Tool

Google, therefore, says it will start to condemn the Structured Data Testing Tool, the old Structured Data Testing Tool will still be available to use for the time being. It will at some point in future plans to go away so it is recommended by Google to make use of the Rich Results Test to test and validate your structured data.


In December 2017, Google launched the Rich Results Test as an upgrade to the Structured Data Testing tool which launched back in 2015.

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Rich Results Test

Google lists the reasons to use the Rich Results Test over the Structured Data Testing Tool:

  • It displays which Search feature improvements are right for the markup you are offering.
  • Both the mobile and desktop versions of results are rendered via the Rich Results Test.
  • It is more effective when it comes to handling dynamically loaded structured data markup.
  • It is completely aligned with Search Console reports.


Get used to the Rich Results Test tool if you are using the Structured Data Testing tool as it plans to go away in some time


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