A new video is published by Google on its YouTube channel, in which Google told users that how it work and techniques used to improve search results.

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The main target audience of the video is the users who are less familiar with Google Search than the average SEO or website owners. Some content is published in ‘Google’ YouTube channel, whereas advanced content is in the ‘Google Webmasters’ channel.

Different Points Covered In Videos

According to Google

“No system is perfect, and sometimes ours may miss the mark and show you content that isn’t really that relevant or doesn’t come from the most reliable sources.

You might think that we can just fix the results for that specific search, but with billions of searches per day there’s no way that anyone can manually decide which pieces of content should be ranked above others.

Here’s what we do instead: make search better.

We do that by coming up with improvements to our systems that we think might help not just those queries that turn up unreliable or irrelevant results, but a broad range of similar searches.”

Improvements Per Year

“These changes help us with ranking our blue link web results, and our search features like autocomplete, knowledge panels, and featured snippets.”

Google said that there were almost 3620 improvements in search results last year with an average of 10 improvements per day. These improvements are general editing in search features. Google makes sure that all the improvements are not an algorithm update.

Google makes changes in specific features rather than changing individual SERPs. The image given below is an example.

Improvements Per Year
Image Source – searchenginejournal

Google manually edit these search features if there is any user mistake.

Google Stated

“Every now and then we do have to remove incorrect or policy violating information from search features ourselves.

Sometimes we’re alerted to issues based on feedback from our users. Then we look into what caused the issue, take what we’ve learned, and keep improving our systems with the goal of preventing this kind of thing from happening again.”


Google ended the video by saying no system is marked to perfection, however, it always makes the improvements for the user to get a better experience.

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