After the Treatment of no-follow link attribute, Google will now make the robots meta tag as a hint, Webmaster Analyst Gary Illyes Tweeted on September 11.

Now there is no meta robots UGC and Sponsored if you add, then there is no impact of it. The thing Google checks between the no-follow, UGC and sponsored attributes does not create any impact on your website and execute the new attribute is completely chosen.


No-Index and No-Follow Differences 

Robots meta tag does not have any impact but no index affects the page, no follow affects the links on the page.

Why should we care?

You can take a link attribute in either way as using it as a link or within meta robots, google will consider it a hint. Google says, in most cases no follow will be treated as they were earlier, but will gather the info from links and in some cases, it may impact rankings.


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