In 2019, Google came up with new link attribute types & they are UGC & sponsored links to accompany with nofollow link attributes. Google does this to understand links better.

John Mueller was asked about this in last Friday SEO Hangout & John said that Google may try to treat them differently according time.


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A question was asked from John Mueller at SEO hangout held last Friday at 35:56 Time.

Here is the Question:

From a ranking point of view does Google treat nofollow, ugc and sponsor rel attributes any differently?”

On this John Reverted:

we do try to understand these and try to treat them appropriately so I could imagine in our systems that we might learn over time to treat them slightly differently.” Then John added another line to downplay that difference, saying “but in general they’re all with the same theme in that you’re telling us these are links that are placing because of this reason and Google doesn’t need to take them into account.”

Overall Google said that do not trust or follow these links.

You can check the full conversation here:

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