Google’s Martin Splitt said in his latest tweet about the meta description. He tweeted that these meta tags tell the main content of the page. It gives a short summary of the page to Google.

Meta Description Linked With SEO

It was believed that the meta description was slightly connected to SEO. The website with duplicate meta description has to negative ranking effect.  Some also believe that Meta Description doesn’t have any effect on ranking.

Martin said that the meta description provides the best summary to Google.

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Martin Tweeted

Martin was trying to explain that meta description that the content summary of the website in which Trends Analyst, John Mueller said” metra description is not the ranking factor”.

Mueller on Meta Description

Mueller’s statement on the meta description is similar to what search marketing always thinks about the meta description. However, he did not comment on the role of the meta description as summarising the page. Previously title element was one of the ranking factors, don’t know about the present. However, the title tag describes the page and gives the full summary of the webpage.

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