Google’s SEO Guide : How HTTP Status Codes, Network and DNS Errors Affect Google Search


Google shared a document to help on how HTTP status codes, network and DNS errors affect Google Search. The document covers each type of code & error & shows you how Google bot & Google Search hit by it.

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Users can access this document here.

The Document says:

This page describes how different HTTP status codes, network errors, and DNS errors affect Google Search. We cover the top 20 status codes that Googlebot encountered on the web, and the most prominent network and DNS errors. More exotic status codes, such as 418 (I’m a teapot), aren’t covered. All issues mentioned on this page generate a corresponding error or warning in Search Console’s Crawl Stats report.

Here is a look what Google shows in the Document:

  • Googlebot follows up to 10 redirect hops and then after 10, Google Search Console will show a a redirect error
  • 301 redirects are a “strong signal” but a 302 is a “weak signal” for a redirect.
  • Don’t use 401 and 403 status codes for limiting the crawl rate. The 4xx status codes, except 429, have no effect on crawl rate.
  • And you have to love theΒ teapot πŸ«– 418 code

The document is wonderful and do have a look at what you can expect from Google Search regarding HTTP status codes, DNS errors and network errors.

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