The upcoming versions of the Google Chrome Browser will only display the website’s domain name in the address bar as Google is working on to hide parts of a website’s URL. The update is soon to roll out and the documents reveal some details about the experimental features that change the appearance and the actions of browser’s address bar in a pre-release version of chrome.

In Chrome developer words an experimental feature is said as a “flag.” Android Police found the main flag features called “Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Path, Ref and Query.” These features are the reason behind hiding the parts of a URL excluding the domain name. Users will be able to go over the address bar to display the full URL path rather than clicking on it to see the URL. Another feature is that chrome will hide the whole address bar when a user interacts with the page.

Why Not Show The Full URL Path?

Currently, Chrome shows most of the website page’s URL path though, it does hide the “HTTP/HTTPS” and the “www.” In the coming time, it will get down to only showing the domain name and extension.

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Reasons Why Google Maybe Doing This


A Google software engineer said that displaying the full URLs in the address bar makes it hard to determine whether a site is legitimate. The reason being displaying full URL may distract from the most important part of the URL i.e “The Domain Name” which is important in knowing how safe the site is.


It is common for today’s web browsers to hide the full URL paths and Google is well working on that. For example, Safari hides the full URL path but does not hides the full address bar when the user interacts with the page.

Google as of now has not made any official announcement yet. It will be interesting to hear the company’s views on such a change.



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