Instagram has managed to find a new way to put pressure on TikTok, this time by introducing Instagram shopping tags to Reels, its TikTok like feature.


Instagram Declares Crackdown On Influencers Who Fail To Reveal Commercial Partnerships

Shopping tags
Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen in the above image, the new shopping tag options allow users to add product listings to their Reels clips. This will then enable viewers to tap on the ‘View Product’ option located at the bottom to view the listed items and then click through to make the purchase.

View Product Prompt
Image Source: Social Media Today

It is an all-new step in Instagram’s ultimate evolution to become an eCommerce powerhouse. As for the Reels, it is like a new way for the creators to earn money straight from their Reels clips. Creators can now add ‘Branded Content’ tags to their Reels so as to offer more transparency about paid promotions. It is a major element in terms of short-form videos as the ads do not normally work when the content is only a few seconds long. TikTok, therefore, is working well on its path to promote the product placement options in its clips. The Chinese version of TikTok, called ‘Douyin’, now generates the majority of its revenue from eCommerce listings.

shopping tags douyin
Image Source: Social Media Today

Considering this you can imagine that TikTok will soon be getting the same feature at a bigger scale and the company is already been testing with product links in clips.

Product Links In Clips
Image Source: Social Media Today

This is a huge step and is interesting to look at how fast Instagram has been moving to maintain the pressure on TikTok. The users of the Reels can start adding shopping tags from today.

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