Instagram is expanding its COVID-19 response tools by providing information panels in the user’s main feed and banning searches for coronavirus AR masks.

Statement By Instagram

Stament By Instagram
Image Source: Social Media Today


Information Prompts
Image Source: Social Media Today

For the incidents that occurred in the past, Instagram had only provided relevant links and information within related searches. But now considering the seriousness of the coronavirus situation, the company is looking to make these alerts more important by displaying it on top of the main feed. This is a more valuable informational step from Instagram. Considering the reach that Instagram has this could be a beneficial update even if few users end up clicking on it. This measure could contribute significantly by providing the latest updates and information to the people on time.

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Ban On Searches For AR Effects

Ban On Searches Of AR Effects
Image Source: Social Media Today

This step was taken after concerns were raised about the use of coronavirus filters on Instagram which people have reported as being insensitive considering the deaths resulting from this epidemic. These filters were spreading out misinformation about the virus and making people anxious. Instagram also added a new sticker to thank health workers who have been working hard to help keep the communities safe. As this outbreak seeks to be in effect, more updates and guidelines will come and social media platforms are a great source to keep people informed and updated.



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