Instagram has introduced new creative options in both Stories and Reels, with new upgrades to the existing features and overall expanding the release of its Branded Content Tags. The company has added new ‘Audio Mix’ and ‘Voice-over’ options on Reels.


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audio mix and voice over
Image Source: Social Media Today

These options enable users to add more audio tracks-  either through voice or music clip – to their Reels clip, and give audio level controls to edit your presentation. Users can use the new Voice-over and Mix audio options by clicking on the mic at the top of the Reels composer screen. Instagram is also looking to add a ‘Reels’ watermark on the top left of your clips which will make sure the branding when Reels clips are re-shared.

Reels Watermark
Image Source: Social Media Today

Along with this, it has also been observed that Instagram has also updated the ‘Edit Cips’ option within Reels, providing more options to change each element.

Edit Clips
Image Source: Social Media Today

Over on Instagram Stories, a user has shared a new observation of a new ‘Camera Booth’ mode, which takes several shots in sequence.

Image Source: Social Media Today

Some users are also seeing a new ‘Multi-capture’ mode, which seems to provide the same functionality, taking several photos at once, without you having to press the button repeatedly.

While mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi has shared this picture of a new ‘Color Filter’ mode in Stories, which allows you to set the intensity of the filter to be applied to the photo/video.


All these are few minor additions but they do bring more creative options to offer new ways to enhance your stories and Reels content. Instagram has not yet confirmed all these new changes, but if you haven’t checked your app after the latest update, it may be worth taking a look and seeing what you have access to in your tools.

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