Instagram has come up with another story feature i.e Group Stories. This feature will enable users and their friends to collaborate on a single and private story. Group stories feature will soon be available in Threads app.

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Group Stories

This feature comes along with group chats which is an another way to get engage and interact with the group members. Group Stories feature is similar to what Facebook introduces last year for all the users.

As rise of Facebook groups and stories, decision for launching this feature on Instagram could be a good move. Facebook holds the larger audience in having group members on each group than the members present in Instagram group chat.

Threads App

Last year Instagram has launched a separate messaging app i.e Threads for their users. The app was basically for the messaging purpose and engaging with close friends more rapidly.

Instagram Expectation

Instagram is hoping to have more engagements over messaging and stories by launching these new tools on the platform. The company is also hoping that this tool could be very beneficial for the brands as well in increasing their engagement although the maximum capacity is up to 32 people in a single group chat.


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