Instagram has decided to add a new feature for Indian Users which allows the users to add three guests on Instagram Live Stream. Previously only one user was allowed as a guest on the live-stream. Looking at the current trends in live usage in India, Instagram has decided to give more capacity for better engagement.


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According to Instagram:

Right now you can only go live with one other person at a time, we’re looking into if we could expand that, but it’s not clear that that is the most pressing thing that we can add to Live, versus just getting stability up, adding more features, making it available on the web, etcetera.

Growth Of Instagram Live

Instagram Live has seen a growth of almost 60% in India in 2020, the case for Live guest in India has become more pressing. However, Instagram is also expanding to maximize its market presence, due to the ban of TikTok. Live-Stream can be a major factor in replacing TikTok. TikTok was having 200 million Indian Users when it was banned, so it is a good time for platforms like Instagram and Youtube to grow their market presence.

More On This

It is still in doubt that Instagram will expand this feature globally or to some other region, but the assumptions are made of broadening the feature.

Instagram Live guests
Image Source – Social Media Today


Currently,  users can check the Live Stream by the story bubble in the story section. It will be interesting if there will be a variation when four people will join the stream together.

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