Instagram is releasing its new badges in Instagram Live broadcasts after testing them with several selected creators to a wider pool of creators.


Instagram Declares Crackdown On Influencers Who Fail To Reveal Commercial Partnerships

IGTV badges
Image Source: Social Media Today

Instagram Badges

As seen in the above image, Instagram’s new Badges will be displayed besides comments when the user commenting has paid to add an extra flair to their contribution. These badges can be purchased from Instagram which ranges from $0.99 for one heart to $4.99 for three- offering a way to both donate to the creator with the takings going to the broadcaster and for the user to highlight their comments, which will give a reason to the streamer to acknowledge them. This is the same as Facebook’s streamer payments for gaming streamers or YouTube’s Super Chat option. Instagram at first would not take any cut from the purchase of live stream hearts, but the platform will look to take a cut from the revenue raised at some point in the future.

Instagram saw a 70% increase in the live stream viewership from the month of February to March with people looking out for ways to connect and interact amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. Considering this it does make sense for Instagram to add more to let streamers keep broadcasting and therefore the introduction of these new badges will add more to that content streaming flowing.

Instagram Badges
Image Source: Social Media Today

Statement By Instagram

Badges will provide new special features.

Including placement on a creator’s list of badge holders and access to a special heart.

We want Instagram to be the best place for creators to tell their story, grow their audience and make a living. This is another step forward in our vision to build a suite of tools that help creators make money through branded content, shopping, content monetization, and direct support from fans.

This will become a huge consideration over time as for now for instance TikTok creators might be building their audience, but at some point, they will be looking to enhance their revenue potential via the same. Along with this Instagram’s also enhancing its IGTV ads beta to more creators in the US.

Statement By Instagram

We have been testing this over the past couple of months with a smaller group and will now begin to expand access on an ongoing basis.

These elements might have a huge impact on the creators, adding more tools to allow Instagram to avoid rising competition for that.

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