Instagram has released a new test of TikTok-like feature “Reels” to few users in India, after the ban of TikTok in the Indian market.

Instagram Reels feature
Image Source: Social Media Today

Reels by Instagram allows users to make 15 seconds looping video clips in the app in which music can be set and are spliced together form several clips the same as in TikTok. Reels then further can be remixed or shared and in the recent updates, users might get to see dedicated space on the profiles of the user and within the explorer tab. While TikTok got banned in India because of the rising conflicts between Indian and Chinese government it led an opportunity to YouTube and Instagram to take over TikTok’s place in the market and fulfill the rising hype of short-form video in the region.

Explanation By Wired:

“1.2 million Indian creators [have] turned to TikTok to express themselves, build a sprawling network of followers and padding their bank accounts. […] On average, a category A influencer (with at least ten million followers) could charge up to Rs 3-4 Lakh ($4,000 to $5,300).”

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Considering this the roll-out of Reels in the Indian market makes sense and might help Facebook-owned Instagram to reach a rising level. To note too that YouTube is also testing its own TikTok like tool called “Shorts” which is also expected to launch soon. This might be the beginning as other nations are also taking considerations to a potential TikTok ban with both the Australia and US set to a full national security review. Losing the impact in the Indian market TikTok might be feeling pressure to enhance its revenue-generating processes in other markets.


It is very early and TikTok still has a significant user base in other regions but losing a section of an audience is for sure a major blow and until TikTok gets back in India it will be taken as a crucial wound as the competitor apps seek to capitalize on it.

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