Instagram is trying out a new feature that will enable users to pin comments they like to the top of posts. This feature will allow users to display positive gestures. This new feature will be rolled out soon and will make Instagram the first among the top social networks to offer this feature.

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Pinning Positive Posts

Pinning Positive Posts
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Pin Positive Post
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

This new feature will especially be helpful at times when a user is receiving hate and inappropriate comments. As users can pin the positive comment to the top to counter the negativity.

Pinning positivity
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Pinned Comments As A Reference

Pinned comments can make others do the marketing for your brand. For example, say you publish a post on Instagram to promote your upcoming online seminar. An attendee may leave a comment on your post showing how they enjoyed your event last week. Then you can pin that comment to the top. Anyone who goes through your post will see the pinned comment review of your seminar and may convince them to sign up for the next.

Eliminating Negative Comments

Instagram is trying out to delete significant numbers of negative comments in addition to showcasing positive comments.

Removing Negative Comments
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The new feature will help keep a positive environment on users’ accounts, particularly if they have a larger audience.

Eliminating Negative Comments
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Remove Negative Comments
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Here’s How To Enable The Feature On iOS :

  • Click on the comment and further click on the dotted icon located in the top right corner.
  • Choose Manage Comments and select a maximum of 25 comments to delete all at once.
  • Click on More Options to block accounts in numbers.

To Block Accounts On Android:

  • Click and hold on a comment.
  • Click on the dotted icon and tap Block or Restrict.

Select Who Can Tag You

Instagram also announces a new feature for users to choose who can mention and tag them.

Select Who Can Tag You
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Users Can Choose From These Options:

  • Everyone can tag or mention you
  • Only those users that you follow can tag or mention you.

These new settings are applicable to captions, comments, and stories.

Applies to
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