Tik Tok has made a commendable impact on other social media platforms that they have to inculcate TikTok features. We have seen that many social media platforms (Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts) added a short video format feature in their app. Short video clips have gained more popularity from the last year.

This time, Instagram has confirmed that it will offer the exact same functionality as TikTok for its stories.


Instagram Declares Crackdown On Influencers Who Fail To Reveal Commercial Partnerships

Tweet By Alessandro Paluzzi (App Researcher)

According to the tweet, now the user has to swipe up or swipe down to see the newest/oldest stories uploaded by their connections. It is clearly visible that Instagram will use the same UI as TikTok.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are so popular that various brands run their ads on Instagram stories only. Instagram Stories has over 500 million users on a daily basis.

The main idea for updating stories layout is to have a momentum growth. It is an estimation that TikTok will reach 1.2 billion users in 2021 despite being getting banned from various countries.


Instagram has confirmed that the prototype is ready and soon will be tested out publicly. But it enhances TikTok’s impacts on other social media developers.

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