John Mueller explained the core update and how to respond to these updates in the latest office hours on hangout. In this Mueller explained the updates in the core algorithm and how the publisher must respond to this.

Do Publisher Wait For Next Core Update?

Questioned Asked,

“What exactly, websites that have been hit by the core updates can’t recover before the next core update, even if they make good improvements?

Some algorithms are launched one time for a couple of months or how does that work?”

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John Mueller Replied,

“With core updates we’re essentially trying to re-understand how the relevance of the search results are.”

“And it’s not something that requires a site to… wait for the next update to have a chance to be seen differently.

They can continue working on things and things can improve over time.”

In the 2000’s, Google updated its algorithm on a daily basis, back then sites have to wait till next month to check the rewards of their changes.

According to Mueller:

Once an algorithm change goes into effect, let’s say it’s a change to how “reviews” are ranked to promote reviews with some particular feature, then the index is constantly refreshed using those changes.

It means if there is a change in the ranking because of missing features adds those, their sites should gain position till the next update.

John Mueller keeps in mind to always improve the site, in case the next update will be on the changes the publisher made.

John Mueller said:

“It’s possible that our next core update will make a bigger change in the same direction that you’ve been working and you’ll see a bigger change in your site’s performance as well.

But in general, sites don’t have to wait for the next bigger update in order to start seeing changes.

So, from that point of view, I wouldn’t… stop working on things once you think you’ve done the right thing. But I’d continue working in that direction.

You should see at least some incremental improvements over time.”

Always Improve Website

One of the best practices to improve the content is by diversifying the content, which means rolling out different content forms.

A blend of evergreen and brief points, in addition to differentiating into different sorts of articles, similar to picture articles, how-to articles, instructional exercises, etc can enable a site to draw in a more extensive crowd, address a scope of requirements and fabricate more grounded signs of power.

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