LinkedIn has planned to come up with new discovery feature of virtual events with the purpose of increasing more engagement by making it easier to find. Organizers will get the leads from event sign-ups. Events are at the peak after being added to LinkedIn and it will prove to be good news for marketers. According to the report, almost 10 million attendees have attended the events hosted on LinkedIn, and almost 200,000 events have been hosted so far.


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New Feature To Boost Attendance

New Feature will help LinkedIn to get organic attendance. It includes personalized recommendations in “My Network” and a new weekly events digest email. While testing this feature LinkedIn has already seen a 40% increase. The company is also looking at notifications which is another good way to boost attendance. Followers will get the recommendation of the event, posted by the company on its page.

Lead Generation From Sign-Ups

LinkedIn has given all access to the companies, can use the data they collect in the way they want. Companies can do with the data, such as sending a thank-you email to attendees, uploading the list to a CRM, or sharing it with their sales team. Those who have shown interest in Events can be managed by Custom Manager.

As there are registration forms only registered attendees can join the event. If the attendees haven’t filled the registration form, they can drop in and out of the event anytime. As the forms are optional, even companies have the choice to create attendees form.

Event Promotion

Companies can now run Single Image Ads for their event promotion, as it will help them to reach right professional and those who are hard to reach. Companies can add the event URL or Destination URL to the Images Ads. Then it will be possible to see how the ad performs against a new set of event-specific reporting metrics, like the total number of registrants, as well as views and clicks on the ad that led to event registration.

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