After testing of few months on their professional mentorship connection, LinkedIn has finally announced their ‘Career Advice’ option to the users of U.S., U.K., India and Australia.


About the new option

With this new option, the users could connect with potential mentors or guides in their chosen fields. During the initial application process, the user can choose to give or receive advice, for which he needs to head to the dashboard on LinkedIn profile and look for the Career Advice hub. After choosing the option, the LinkedIn members will connect with you based on mutual interests.

Easing out the Connection Process

After connecting with your mentor, the communication will start afterwards. For this, LinkedIn added recommendation prompts via the lightbulb ideas icon which is somehow similar to ‘Conversation Starters’.

Will the feature prove helpful?

LinkedIn has found that 89% of senior leaders like giving advice to their junior counterparts and 80% said that they would like to become a mentor themselves. This type of feature would help in tackling “quick question” requests. All this and the significant collaboration of LinkedIn with Microsoft is surely going to take the platform to new heights.

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