LinkedIn last year started testing a new Events option, a feature that the platform should have always had, connecting the networking value of LinkedIn with formal professional events, built altogether into the same platform. As the pandemic hit, LinkedIn released Events to all the users back in May. And now, LinkedIn is on the move to its Events feature even better by adding new discovery features, promotion options, and data capture processes, overall making it a huge consideration.


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What’s New?

Firstly, on discovery- LinkedIn is introducing a new personalized event recommendation in the “My Network” tab so as to boost the promotion of events. It will also start sending out a new, weekly Events digest email to users. As the company states – So far, we’ve seen a +40% increase in event attendees from recommendations found in the “My Network” tab. LinkedIn will now send out an automatic notification as well to the followers of your company’s page when you add an event. It will not be sent to all but to the ones that LinkedIn feels are most likely to attend on the basis of various conditions including their interests. LinkedIn now also allows businesses to make registration forms for their events, in order to collect the emails and names of people signing up.

According To LinkedIn

You can also download the list from your event page and send them a thank-you email, upload the list to your CRM, or share it with your sales teams.

It could also be an incentive to make LinkedIn events as a way to create your outreach lists to use those details in your retargeting efforts.

Once you know who’s interested in your content or brand, you can continue the conversation and nurture leads by retargeting your prior event registrants. All you have to do is create a custom target audience in Campaign Manager based on those who have RSVPed to any of your LinkedIn Events.

Statement By LinkedIn

LinkedIn also providing businesses the opportunity to run Sponsored Content Single Image Ads in addition to organic posts for promotion of your events.

Single Image Ads can get your event in front of the right professionals and hard-to reach audiences, like executives and decision-markers​. By including your Event URL as the destination URL in your campaign, you’ll be able to see how it performs against a new set of event-specific reporting metrics, like the total number of registrants, as well as views and clicks on the ad that led to an event registration.

Along with this LinkedIn has also declared the complete launch of its new video meeting options within LinkedIn messaging.

video meeting options
Image Source: Social Media Today

Explanation By LinkedIn

In the message thread, either with another individual or with a group of people, simply click the video meeting icon, and select a provider to sign-in or register. Once complete, you’ll be able to automatically generate a unique video meeting link within any message threads on LinkedIn.

These are some significant, and valuable additions, which will provide more incentives to LinkedIn users, especially for B2B organizations and those looking to maximize the performance of their LinkedIn efforts.

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