LinkedIn has declared a new ‘Products’ tab for the company pages, which will offer a set space for the businesses to display their product offerings and showcase key features through their LinkedIn presence.


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Explanation By LinkedIn

With Product Pages you can spotlight product endorsements and testimonials by your users, gather ratings and reviews from current users, and generate leads with a custom call-to-action button, such as a demo request or contact sales form. In the new “Products” Tab, you can add new products you want to feature and include rich media like videos or product screenshots, descriptions and more.

Product Tab
Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen in the above image the new ‘Products’ tab will be seen within your LinkedIn company page and will showcase all the products that your organization offers. LinkedIn is working on making a trusted overview for product offerings, which is different from that of services or business divisions which links all of the displayed reviews and endorsements back to actual LinkedIn users and/or brand pages, providing more assurance on how legit it is. Therefore in order to do this, LinkedIn has to perform a role in curating which products the brands can actually list on their Products tab.

Statement By LinkedIn

We curated your Page based on existing data from both your company website and the LinkedIn platform.

So, basically, LinkedIn will do it for you on the basis of the information it gathers, you do not have to upload your product catalog or add any listings. Businesses can submit requests for the changes for those listings if needed. LinkedIn particularly notes that Product Pages cannot only display specified products:

Product Pages are reserved for tangible product offerings to the market. Products typically have a manufacturer, a trademarked brand name, and a name used consistently on product pages and the web in reference to that product, along with other attributes such as description and logo.

You can further add product logos, visual assets, descriptions, and existing customers once you have your Product tab and a listing of your available products. Users can also add target audiences for your product.

Explanation By LinkedIn

Add up to 10 job functions or indicate your product is intended for everyone. Be comprehensive when adding your target users, as this impacts how your product shows up in LinkedIn search results.

You can also add a CTA, with six options to choose from:

  • Download now
  • Get started
  • Request demo
  • Try now
  • Contact us
  • Learn more

Once you’ve filled in all the info, your product listing will be ready to go live.

Product Listing
Image Source: Social Media Today


It is indeed an interesting addition by LinkedIn, offering more options to showcase businesses on the platform. You will soon have the tools to give a complete overview of your business’ offerings on the largest professional network in the world. As LinkedIn states ‘Today we have more than 10,000 Product Pages, across the B2B software category with plans to add more industries in the coming year’. This new update has a lot of potential for your brand listings.

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