LinkedIn has released a bunch of new tweaks including a new audio option for pronunciation on user profiles, new follower analytics for company pages and process for restricting company page invites. Starting with follower analytics – if you go to your LinkedIn company page analytics now you will get to see a new pointer on the analytics tab, highlighting that something new has been added. That is the new listing for followers of the company page which you can extend to the full list to see every person that followed your page.

New Listing Of Company Page Followers
Image Source: Social Media Today

However, you can not download the list but still, it is an extra element of insights into the performance of your company page. It adds up to the existing follower insights overview, follower metrics, and the job role data along with Companies to Track display that showcase the performance of other LinkedIn pages in respect to the follower growth, frequency of posting, and rate of engagement.

LinkedIn implements a new integration to restrict the times a company page manager can send follow invites of their company page to their connections.

Limiting invites
Image Source: Social Media Today

The new system offers Pages with 100 credits that they page managers can use per month with each invite sent out means one credit.

“When your invite is accepted, the credit is returned. Each month, Pages are granted invitation credits shared by all admins. Credits do not roll over.”

So, now to figure out pages could send out 100 invites a day but they can only spam 100 users per month. And last but not least LinkedIn adds a new audio option for the pronunciation of the user name if you really hate that people pronounce your name wrong.

New audio option
Image Source: Social Media Today

Users will now see an option on your profile to add an audio recording of your name if you wish to. There is a limit of 10 seconds and it has been advised by LinkedIn to speak and pronounce each syllable of your name slowly and put the phone about four inches away from your mouth.

Audio Prompt
Image Source: Social Media Today

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A small audio icon highlights next to your name once done.

Audio Icon
Image Source: Social Media Today

The new features bring interesting options to consider as they offer new ways to build your own audience and clearing out your details.

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