LinkedIn re-introducing an option that will enable page admins to send an invite to its connections for following the company page. Re-introducing an option could be good as well as disastrous for the platform.

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Page Admins Can Invite Connections
Page Admins Can Invite Connections

Image Source: Social Media Today


Invite option was present some years back but gets removed due to spam then the company re-introduced the same option in the month of May this year. After re-introduction, it was removed again by the company itself. But according to reports the same option is coming back and will be available to the page admins by the next month.


The biggest restriction of this option is that only the page admins will be accessible to invite their connections to follow the company page.

Qualifiers Introduced When Rolled Out In May:

  • Admins with less than 500 connections are able to invite all their connections by a single click of “Select All”. Otherwise, admins who have connections over 500 have to select each connection they want to send an invite.
  • Pages who have followers less than 1,00,000 were able to invite with this option.
  • If the page admins have less than 3 connection then this option is not available for that admin.
  • Singleinvite can be sent per member.

New Qualifier Added:

  • Page admins can send only to 50 members in a single session.
  • The rest above qualifiers will also be there.




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