This month Microsoft has rolled out broad updates in its advertising. It includes updates in responsive search ads, clearer reports, and news regarding expanded text ads.

  • Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

Microsoft’s responsive search ads which were open in beta since September 2019 are now accessible to all advertisers.

The updated feature enables users to include up to 15 possible headlines and 4 possible descriptions. After that Microsoft AI will pick up the best-optimized combination of both and makes the best ad for a user.

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  • Improved Performance Report

Microsoft removed the average position metric from the report so that it can become more reliable. Microsoft ensures that prominent metrics will give a clear picture of where ads are being placed in the search result page.

The removal of average metrics will take Microsoft advertising near to Google Ads.

  • Extended Guidelines For Extended Ads

Microsoft being helpful is allowing users to move to extended text ads. The deadline has been extended to March 21, 2020. The extended time will allow users to shift from standard text ads to extended text ads.

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