Microsoft made a partnership deal with Integral Ad Science (IAS) on Monday. They will now work together to provide brands with the safety verification for the native ads that run on the Microsoft Audience Network.

The Microsoft Audience Network has a stronghold ad inventory on sites that are owned and operated by Microsoft such as MSN,, and Microsoft Edge browser as well as properties. Advertisers can directly aim at the ads from the Microsoft audience graph. This graph also consists of LinkedIn professional data. IAS integration has no charges and is automatically applied.

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IAS Working

Ad inventory will examine the ad before the ad auction. IAS will check the risk across the Microsoft Audience Network. It will scan, examine, and rate pages. The risk will be measured through the set of policies like Adult, Alcohol, Gambling, Hate Speech, Illegal Downloads, Illegal Drugs, Offensive Language and Controversial Content, and Violence. Pages with moderate and high risk will be excluded from the ad inventory.

The partnership is rolling out in the US. IAS is already working with great advertisers and ad tech like Google, Facebook, Nielsen, Taboola, and TradeDesk, and more than 4000 publishers.

More On This

Microsoft has always cared for brand safety, but the partnership with the third-party verification firm to send the advertisers’ risk signal is the main priority of the company.

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