A  new removal tool has been launched by Google in Google Search Console. The benefits of the tools are:

1- URLs can be temporarily blocked from Google search

2- tells us about the outdated content

3- Tells about the URLs filtered by the SafeSearch filter.

How to apply the tool. You can apply it in the Google Search Console. In the “Index” menu, there will be an option of “Removals.” We can also apply it using  https://search.google.com/search-console/removals and then selecting a property.

Temporarily remove URLs. URLs can directly be removed from Google Search Console easily. Earlier it was in old Search Console but now it can be seen in the Newer Version. However, URLs will not be removed permanently from Google Index. It just that, URL will not be seen in the search results for around six months. Robots.txt,404 or another method will be used to permanently block the URL if you want.

There are two ways of removals in Google:

  • Temporarily removing the URL and clearing the cached copy
  • Clearing the page description snippets in Search Result by clearing the cached URL which clears the cached page.

This is the image of the screen:

Source: searchengineland

In the new version removal request window looks like:

Source: searchengineland

Outdated content. The history of all the requests to update and remove outdated content can be seen in the outdated content section.

Check out the image:


SafeSearch filtering. Adult reported content is shown here. SafeSearch suggestion tool can be used to report URLs as adult content by google users. Reported URLs are reviewed first  and if Google feels content is filtered by SafeSearch result, and it gets a tag of adult content.

It is difficult for the SEOs and webmasters to check if the content was removed by SafeSearch. So the tools need communication.

Check out the image below:

Source: searchengineland

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