With the talk over a New Search Console few months back whose Beta version got released for fewer users, it is now about to be released for all the users worldwide, giving access to this simplified and optimized version of website presence on Google Search.


What all is there in this Search Console?

This latest Search Console would include Search performance, Index Coverage, AMP status and Job posting reports. A message will be sent to those whose site will get ready for this new Console. Though, many new functionalities will be available in this new Console, they are also going to include the features of the traditional Search Console. Till the complete functionality of the new Search Console is successfully resumed, both the versions are going to stay side-by-side.


What all new functionalities are there to explore?


  • This will contain the most interactive model that will guide the user through different processes that will help in resolving any pending issues. The user gets the ability to share reports within his own enterprise to have a clear picture of his site’s working.
  • For the user who frequently visits Search Analytics, will be happy with the newly introduced Search Performance Report. This will provide a comprehensive view over 16 months’ of data to have an analysis for longer duration.
  • The Index Coverage Report will report you about indexing of URLs whether they are correct or carries some issues or why it is not indexed by Google.


How does the New Search Console works?

  • After coming to a particular issue, the user will be presented with a sample of URLs. And if the user clicks over the erred one, he will be shown with Page Details along with diagnostic tools to fix that problem.
  • The reports over New Search report could be shared over Share Button displayed on the top of the report that could be shared within the organization
  • This Search Console will show the user if the issues have been resolved and thus can help in fixing the issue. This could be done by clicking on Validate fix which will crawl and reprocess the affected URLs.
  • Sitemap files are there to help the user in getting information about new and updated URLs

About AMP and Job Postings

Search Enhancements are also being made in AMP and Job Postings that gives info regarding any error or warning identified by Google in the respective AMP and Job Posting Report. These reports come along with two fabulous features.

  • The Validate Fix button will provide the user with faster feedbacks over the entitled issue. If the pages are not able to pass the test, then they are provided with some instant notification.
  • Validation Log will provide the list of URLs that have been successfully fixed.


What does Google has to say on their new development?

They stated “The UX of new Search Console is clean and well laid out, everything is where we expect it to be. I can even kick-off validation of my fixes and get email notifications with the result. It’s been a massive help in fixing up some pesky AMP errors and warnings that were affecting pages on our site. On top of all this, the Search Analytics report now extends to 16 months of data which is a total game changer for us”


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